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          Lunar Self-Care

          During the full moon, I always love to take the time out to take care of myself. The moon provides so much energy to really focus on releasing all that does not serve us and to bring into our lives positive changes. Our Full Moon kits are great for honoring yourself and your goals. ** Can also be used during any moon phase. ** Self Care. Self Worth. Self Love. Be SELF-ish.
          Availability: In stock
          Each set contains: 
          1) Intuitively featured stones of the month.
          2) My intention prayer for the month.
          3) At least 2 bath/body products to enhance your self care regimen.
          4) Affirmation and Manifesting card set created by me. Great tool to focus your intentions and build self-empowering affirmations.
          5) Palo Santo to clear your mind and space.

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