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          Gift Sets

          "Self care is a divine responsibility." Gift sets are a great way to experience a complete bath and body routine. Great as a gift, party favors or just a little treat for yourself. Men and women sets available! Custom sets are available for orders of 8 or more. Contact me today!

          Picture of Moon Intentions Set
          During the full moon, I always love to take the time out to take care of myself. The moon provides so much energy to really focus on releasing all that does not serve us and to bring into our lives positive changes. Our Full Moon kits are great for honoring yourself and your goals. ** Can also be used during any moon phase. ** Self Care. Self Worth. Self Love. Be SELF-ish.
          Picture of Self-ish Gift Set
          This complete set offers everything you need to give yourself the love YOU deserve. Grab a set for yourself or for someone who needs a little TLC. Each set includes a beautiful tumbled rose quartz, which is the stone for universal love along with an intuitively chosen tumbled stone . Keep your stone close when you need to tap into some Divine loving energy. Just choose your favorite scent profile and i’ll take care of the rest!
          Picture of Shower Bomb Bouquet
          No bathtub? No problem. Grab a bomb and bring the foaming, luxurious, exfoliating action into your shower. These little bombs pack a fun punch when you add them to your shower routine.
          Picture of 7 Days of Self Care
          Enjoy 7 days of elevated Self Care. Each day holds a little treasure you can use to show yourself a little TLC. The perfect gift to give yourself or someone you know to help relieve some everyday stress and to help discover their self love language.
          Picture of Birthstone Soap Set
          Enjoy 12 bars of birthstone inspired soaps. Each bar embodies the beauty and uniqueness of their respective stone. Each scented with a different profile to match their season. Perfect as a gift or for anyone who loves a little variety in their lives.
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