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          Inspired by the unique November birthstone, Topaz. This deep orange stone is a true expression of fire energy. It is the stone of nobility, love, passion and purpose. It releases tension and promotes feelings of joy and happiness. Scented with the powerful scent of Dragon's Blood. A luxurious blend of myrrh, amber, sandalwood and patchouli. Contains essential oils. Each bar is hand cut and weighs about 4.5 oz.
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          Ingredients: Detergent free glycerine soap base, essential oils, fragrance, pigment, eco-friendly glitter

          Handcrafted, hand cut and detergent free, these soap bars are made with skin nourishing oils and butters. Non GMO and sustainable ingredients. Paired with wonderful scents, essential oils and a variety of amazing botanicals, clays and natural exfoliants. All soap bars are hand cut and carefully crafted using quality ingredients and love.


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